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 January's Featured Cheerleader
Emily Bott, Long Island Cheer

Position: flyer

Birthday: February 15, 2005

Grade in school: 5th

G.p.a: 4.0

Hometown: East Islip, New York

Signature tumbling skills: standing one handspring to whip double, standing whip full, standing two handsprings to whip whip double , standing one handspring to double, around the world to standing full . Running full whip double , running full whip Arabian to whip double, running double full Arabian to whip double , running whip one and a half to full whip double , running front punch to triple full.

Signature basket skills: pretty lady kick double , kick kick double , full basket and tuck toss.

Signature stunting skills: double up to heel stretch , high to high needle double down . Ball up straddle to hands to heel stretch switch double down . Full up rewind , hand to hand .

Awards/recognition : 2015 Allstar of the year from my gym, 2014 Nfinity future legend, 2015 nfinity generation next, 2014 1st place individual solo at cheer ltd. Canam in myrtle beach , 2015 1st place individual at Canam , 2015 jump champion at Canam , 2015 tumble champion at Canam, 1st place individual at Spirit Brands Long Island championships , 2015 youth best tumble pass at Varsity nations best in Las Vegas, 2015 youth high point tumble pass winner at Varsity nations best , 2015 youth elite best cheerleader individual cheer 1st place at Varsity nations best , 2015 high point elite best cheerleader , 2015 grand champion elite best overall cheerleader at Varsity nations best .

What makes you a great leader for your team : I believe In my teammates ,I scream as loud as I can for them through the tough parts of the routine . At practice I love when my teammates push to do harder skills.

What part of cheerleading do u enjoy the most: I enjoy getting new tumbling skills, it's such hard work but when I land a new skill for the first time I get a feeling like I can do anything . I also enjoy traveling with my best friends to places we would never usually go and meeting some new great people.

Do you consider cheer a sport ? Why? Yes I consider it a sport!! I consider it a sport because we don't just throw skills or memorize motions, it takes repetition and hard work and amazing technique to perfect a stunt , it takes an incredible amount of body/ muscle control to tumble like we do . I train 6 days a week sometimes more along with fitness training to build up the muscle and endurance to land my tumble passes in a full routine. I also stretch everyday to make my stunting easier and jumps better . We sweat and hurt while working very hard as a team to do well .

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