North Elite Cheer Athletics featured on Duck Dynasty!!

By: Tara Knight

If someone would have told me at the age of 14 when I was coaching on school playgrounds; three elementary teams of 7 & 8 year olds that I would even be writing this article I would have told them that they were crazy! I remember waiting each month for the new cheerleading magazine to arrive, and now here I am, actually writing an article for The Cheerleader Magazine. I could stop...

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  Posted 10 months ago.
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Kenley Pope's Blog

Hey guys!! It's Kenley Pope!  This is my first blog writing for TCLM as a Cheer LEADER!!  I am so honored to be a part of TCLM!! There are so many amazing cheer leaders involved.  I am 11 years old and in the 5th grade.  This year I am on 3 teams- Cheer Extreme C4 Bombsquad (senior coed 4), Cheer Extreme Youth Elite (Youth 5), Cheer Extreme Crush (Junior Coed 5).  Youth...

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  Posted 12 months ago.
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Jamie Andries's Blog

By: Jamie Andries

Hi TCLM readers! Nationals season has me missing All-Star cheer more than ever, but I am so impressed by all the talent and innovative routines I have seen this season. With that being said, I would like to congratulate Cheer Athletics Cheetahs for winning NCA this year, I am one proud alumni!! The CA program as a whole performed such amazing routines and brought home the most first...

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  Posted 12 months ago.
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Carly Manning's Blog

Hi everyone! These past several &nbsp;months have been some of the most challenging times of my life, as well as some of the most enjoyable here at Oklahoma State.At one of our first college nationals practices, I landed short while warming up my tumbling.&nbsp;In college we tumble on hard floors, so the impact was much more intense. I went down with a pain I had never felt before.&nbsp;After...

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  Posted 12 months ago.
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Holden Ray's Blog

By: Holden Ray

The year is off to a good start.&nbsp; &nbsp;We started off the season with trips to Louisville and Richmond.It was my last trip to compete at The Majors in Indianapolis.&nbsp; It seems just like yesterday I was walking the red carpet at the very first MAJORS…where The Coed Elite was the inaugural MAJORS CHAMPION!Marah and I flew into Indianapolis early&nbsp;Thursday&nbsp;morning.&nbsp; I...

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  Posted 12 months ago.
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Megan Glisson's Blog

By: Megan Glisson

Hey everyone!&nbsp;I'm ecstatic to announce University of Kentucky blue squad brought home our 21st college National championship! We got our crown back. It still feels like a dream because we also had the honor of being UCA's grand collegiate champs 2016.&nbsp;"One little fact this year that excited my heart...Remember when I&nbsp;&nbsp;performed the round off bhs to a "swing under" out to my...

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  Posted about 1 year ago.
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