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Mia Desenti

My name is Mia Bella DeSenti, 18, currently cheering for Shelton State in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A year ago this weekend, I attended a clinic like no other cheer clinic I had ever attended. I was born and raised in Central Florida. I cheered for both an Allstar team, and on of the most competitive high school team in the state of Florida. I subscribed to The Cheer Leader magazine, and was a fan of their Facebook page. I saw an ad for this big recruitment clinic that was going to be held a the University of Kentucky, as well as others around the country. After mentioning to my mom, she said "we are going to UK". We made plans for a road trip, and next thing we knew we were off. 

As a Senior in high school, I had a couple of ideas of where I hoped to go to college. The biggest thing was trying to find out who was actually offering scholarships, I'm one of 4 kids. Second was were they primarily a NCA or UCA college. And how was I going to fit visiting all these schools during the summer while my parents were working. I never expected that all my questions would be answered by just attending one clinic. How often as a cheerleader do you have the chance to be in front of twenty plus college coaches at one time? Get to ask the important questions and answers right then and there.

Living in Central Florida I have had the chance to stunt with many of the UCF cheerleaders for years. But at this event I had the chance to stunt with so many different schools at one event. While attending this event so many miles from home, I ran into a cheerleader from a sister cheer squad. We were so shocked to see each other so far from home.

One great option we had was that if you were looking to join a Co-Ed team there were those team represented, and in my friends case, she was looking for an All-Girl team to join. At the event they gave us the option as to which group to work with. 

I had always wanted to go to school out of state, but not completely for sure where I really wanted to go. I spoke to so many coaches and asked lots of questions helping me narrow down my options. I ended up meeting to male team members from Shelton State in Alabama. We immediately had a connection because one of the guys was from Central Florida also. They were a smaller school that I had never heard of, but I liked the way they spoke of their school, team, and especially their coach. They also mentioned, they had just won a national title which really enticed me. After going back to the hotel and researching the school and coach, I realized that I had just added this team to my top two schools I was interested in. 

I really enjoyed meeting cheerleaders from all over the U.S.  There were even a couple of big name people in the cheer world that were there. After returning home, both myself and my mom have done nothing but talk about how much fun the event was and how many more doors were opened for me by attending this event. 

The best thing is I can now call myself a Shelton State cheerleader, which I would have never even thought of if it was not for The Cheer Leader magazines Recruitment and Clinic last July. 

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My Experience :)



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