2013 TCLM Clinics and Recruitment Clinic!

Drew White

Hello everyone!! I am so excited to be writing on our new SITE!! let us know what you think!! How are you doing? I hope your summer is going amazing- hopefully you are enjoying a break for a bit and maybe a vacation or some pool time. I am sure you are also attending camp with your new team. I taught camps for 7 years with UCA and something I have wanted to do since we started the magazine was start our own camps and we have. This summer has been amazing so far for TCLM. We have traveled all across the country teaching camps. We have a great core group of guys that are teaching. When I was younger I loved stunting and that is what we are doing. This is your opportunity to enjoy a stunt clinic and be able to actually stunt with some of the best college stunters out there. SOUNDS Awesome right? If this would have been around when I was growing up I know I would have been there so that is why we wanted to get it going!! States we have taught in so far are Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New Jersey, Alabama, Ohio, and Pennsylvannia. Next stop is Arizona at Desert Storm Elite. Big shout out to our guys working the camps- Patrick Miller and Aaron Pollard from the University of Alabama, Adam Sunderhaus from the University of Kentucky, O'Shea Parker from Morehead State University and many more. If you have attended a camp and loved one of our staffers be sure to give them a shout out right here on this blog and on our facebook page. If you haven't signed up for a camp yet please do so!! July is almost here and I am so pumped for our 2013 Recruitment Clinic which is getting so close now. It is July 6-7th in Louisville, KY at Gymtyme where the University of Louisville cheer leaders practice. Another big goal of mine is to see as many kids move on to college cheer leading and succeed. We started the recruitment clinic so cheer leaders could come and meet the coaches and cheer leaders from universities they might be interested in. As we started the magazine I heard of the struggles of getting the right contacts and connections to universities kids were interested in so we decided we could be that source. I am very close friends with many coaches from multiple universities and it is so much fun to get to actually see them all together. We started this event last year and had over 130 kids from over 22 different states. All I can tell is this year is bigger already and we are still receiving registrations. It is going to be great and I hope if you have not signed up please do today. People are traveling from all over the country to come to this awesome event. Comment here and let me know if you are coming!! We have over 20 universities coming and they are very excited to see the talent this year. Coming to this event you can learn about scholarship possibilities, meet the cheer leaders, show off your skills and make many connections that will benefit you later on. Other than we have tons of AWESOME things coming and we love all of our fans. Remember to send me any emails for stories or interests in being featured at SO now comment below and let me know what you think!! Stay updated here on the blog page to hear from the staff in Arizona soon!!


What age group is best suited for the recruitment clinic? going into your junior year or your senior year of high school?

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2013 TCLM Clinics and Recruitment Clinic!



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