Summer, Worlds Party and COLLEGE!!

Megan Glisson

SUMMER – My prom and graduation experience was even better than I had anticipated it would be.  My senior prom took place with my dream of a date at the impressive tree top ballroom at Parrot Jungle to include exotic animals. My 4 year varsity side base and bff Samantha Cardillo was Prom Queen and will attend Miami Dade College on a full softball scholarship. Graduation took place at the University of Miami. My other Varsity side base of 4 years and bff Miranda Hernandez who will attend Berkley in the fall was the main student speaker. My back spot Amie will attend UCF (Cheer power)!   Modeling for Top Gun Pro Shop ( was a super fun day.  At competitions we are always asked where they can buy Top Gun things. Now my coach (Jose Gonzalez) of 9 years is doing a fabulous job of running it.  I turned 18 and my birthday party was incredible.  We danced to an amazing DJ. It was a carnival theme with snow cones, popcorn machines, bounce house and a large slide. My favorite part was the fireworks and watching my Top Gun and Varsity High School bases lighting and releasing Chinese lanterns to wish me good luck in my future. What a perfect send off. I leave high school graduation in the top percent of my class, nominated most likely to succeed, senior homecoming princess, recognized for my 1000 hours of volunteering and Varsity cheer captain.

WORLDS GOLD PARTY – We celebrated in style at my TGLC 2 year side base Samantha’s Boca Raton stunning mansion.  Winning worlds made me feel empowered that with patience and dedication I could do whatever I set out to do. During our emotional ring ceremony I looked around and realized just how blessed I am. This season I leave my all star family not only a 2 time world champion but “extremely honored” to receive many fan letters like this one from Grace Khamis. She writes

Dear Megan, You are my inspiration for many reasons. Some are: because you are a two-time world champion, you have been point flyer on Top Gun Large Coed for 3 years. You made the Kentucky blue squad. That is absolutely amazing. I know you are dedicated and work very hard. I always try my best and am dedicated as well. Your standing full is absolutely amazing. I want you to know that I am a different kind of fan. I do not focus on perfect routines or cool hair. I am focused on cheerleaders dedication and her ability at championships. I am about to be a sixth grader. I look up to you partially because you chased down your dream. You are so motivated. Even though you are not with me, you push me to do my best. Thank you for that. You are amazing to me and many others. I would say you are perfect and my idol. Because of you I didn’t give up. The other day at practice, my coach told one of the stunt groups that I was not in that they were the best. It made me upset and then my best friend/back spot Taylor Blair, whispered into my ear, “Come on Megan Glisson you’ve got this”. Through my blood sweat and tears you motivate me to not give up and to go catch my dream. I love you.

COLLEGE  - Nervous and excited I attended my college orientation. I loved seeing all my new cheer friends again. It’s a special bond that feels a lot like we have our “very own sorority”.  Naturally we gravitate to each other after our session ended and began stunting in the courtyard. The coaching staff is amazing here. They make sure we work hard but play harder. For instance over the summer they had us bowling, attend movie night, barbeques, water parks, picnics, dress-up dinners and country breakfasts.  The presents were a definite highlight! Over the summer we walked in for practice to see multiple sets of camp wear, UK backpacks, Nike shoes, warm up suits, beautiful uniforms and bows as gifts from the University! I’ll admit running in the morning and two practices a day were harder than any conditioning I’ve ever done.  I see many ice baths in our cheer future for sure. But, it will all be worth it when we place that 20th national championship banner on our gym wall. I can’t wait to cheer for our football and basketball games as well.  I have begun the moving process to my new life as a University of Kentucky student. C.A.T.S. cats, cats, cats.          Please follow my instagram meganjewellglisson 

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Worlds, College tryouts, and SUMMER!!



Summer, Worlds Party and COLLEGE!!



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