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Hey readers! I can't believe this cheer season is officially over. Thinking back on the memories I've gained makes it seem like it went by in a flash. I left off last issue by telling you all about Daytona season and what it had to offer. I had two a days and practices everyday. all of this plus the Big Twelve tournament and the NCAA tournament. My team and I really worked hard this past season and OSU actually ended up with the 1st place trophy at the NCA collegiate nationals in Daytona! This title is very special because of the obstacles we had face and overcome. It was also special because it was the first national championship that our new coach Lindsay Salliote has ever won coaching a team! Her first year with us and we made it happen. We owe a lot to our coach, teammates, and also our PUCG family (our "letters") during college nationals we had a ton of fun with our team, friends, and I had SO much fun with britni and my mom. They came to support me after getting back I had a few tests and practices until I went back to Florida for another big competition.. WORLDS! This was going to be a great weekend no matter what place I received because I got to be with people I love and also watch my sister and my bestfriend compete on the same team (gymtyme platinum) worlds weekend was awesome and the team I was on places second in the world!! Twist and shout passion definitely represented well down in the sunshine state. Since then I've had a little bit of time to relax before getting ready for my summer. I'll be all around the world once again traveling more with my mother in hopes to learn more and someday do what she does. I'll be in Florida, Oklahoma, Michigan, Missouri, California, Wisconsin and many more! I hope to see and teach as many people as I can! I also am getting ready for a new season with Oklahoma State! Work week adventures to come and more memories to make with a new team and family! Until next time I write though.. Remember it's summer and this is the time to REALLY work hard!!


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