How Cheerleaders Can Be the Best 12th Man

Jessica Rzeszut

How Cheerleaders Can Be the Best 12th Man

A huge portion of being a high school cheerleader is cheering on your fellow classmates during sports games, especially football! Although we are sad to see summer come to an end, spending our Fridays under those stadium lights makes the start of a new school year that much more exciting!

As a cheerleader you and your teammates have the ability to encourage the crowd to cheer on your team with engaging cheers and chants, stunts, and even tumbling! If you’re new to high school cheerleading or in need of a little refresher, here’s a quick crash course on how to be the best 12th man during football games:

When you’re on the sidelines it is your job to be aware of what’s going on during the game. Knowing whether your team is on offense or defense will help you determine which cheers are appropriate at that moment. Also, players tend to run out of bounds pretty often, so paying attention will help you avoid any unnecessary collisions!

Because football games are an outside event it often gets very loud and hard to compete with the noise of the crowd, the players and coaches, and even the weather at times. Using megaphones to lead the crowds in cheers will make things much easier for you. Cheering in unison with your team also provides a louder sound and more enthusiasm for the game.

Poms are also an essential accessory for football games! They accent each and every cheer you perform and let the audience know to join in on the cheers.

As the season progresses the weather starts to change, so having appropriate warm up gear is essential. Sticking out the cold weather shows your school spirit and support for the team, and warmups make that possible! You can still look stylish and represent your team’s colors while staying warm and comfortable.

An awesome addition to sidelining is cheer boxes! These boxes are given to every cheerleader and can either be decorated individually or all the same. You can use these boxes to carry all your football game cheer gear and also to stand on while leading the crowd in cheers. Most football stadium bleachers are raised above the field level so you don’t have to worry about getting in the way of anyone in the crowd. It also helps to see the game over the players and coaches on the sideline, because some of them can be pretty tall!

The more cheering and encouragement a team gets the better they perform, so the more influential your squad is to the audience the more successful your football team will be. In a sense, the game is in the cheerleaders’ hands! These football games will create so many memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Enjoy every moment and be sure to support your team loudly and proudly!

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