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Hello Cheer World! Can you believe the season is almost over!  It’s been a tough year for me this year with a log of new challenges but I am really grateful for everything that has happened because it is teaching me a lot of new things.  It is so true that if you really want to appreciate what you have then you have to work hard for it.  This year has taught me a lot.  It has also opened my eyes to so many new opportunities that are out there.  I am super excited to explore some new things that I have never experienced before and I will be even more excited to share them with you in the months to come.  For now, I am working hard with my Lionheart teammates to correct the problems we had early in the season and try to do the best we can to get our routine better and hopefully still have a chance at qualifying for Worlds.  No matter what I am just putting my head down and working as hard as I can.  Life sometimes is very challenging and one thing I have learned in my life is that when things get tough you just have to keep working hard and make the best of what you are facing.  My goal is to grow stronger as an athlete and to give my best to my teammates.  We have come to love each other so much and bonded in such an amazing way and I know all of us will work as hard as we can to get better as the season progresses.  I am also cheering with both of my sisters this year on the same team which is something we have always wanted to do, so that has really been such a special time for all of us to bond as sisters.  I want to encourage all of you as well to never give up on your dreams.  If you want something in life then you have to be willing to do everything you can to achieve your dreams.  I have also learned that nothing in life worth having comes easy.  You have to work hard and you cannot listen to negativity around you that is trying to keep you from reaching your dreams.  If you do that, if you let the negative energy in, then you have already lost.  Life isn’t about perfection, but rather about progress.  Learning as you go and growing stronger with each day.  Let what you do speak for itself and if you happen to fail a few times along the way, then you’re doing it right.  I remind myself all the time that it takes learning from failure sometimes to create more success.  Many of the most incredible inventions, ideas, and businesses were created with many failures happening first.  Imagine if those who failed the first time simply gave up and never tried again!  This is what drives me every day: Knowing that as long as I keep working hard giving it my best effort, I can’t lose, because every failure only puts me even closer to the next success!!  I am also really excited to be working with some amazing partners this year like Rebel Athletics.  They have been doing so many creative things and I absolutely love their new designs and their rebellious looks!  I have had a ton of fun with them shooting for some of their catalogues this year!   Good luck to everyone this season.  Watch my social media for some of the new things I will be announcing this year! Facebook: /GabiButlerCheer Twitter: @GabiButlerCheer Insta: @GabiButler1617


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