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Drew White

Hey guys!! It's Drew!! I hope everyone is having a great school year and your teams are getting prepared for competition season.  I myself this weekend will be heading back to up to Lexington to the University of Kentucky for our UK Cheerleading Reunion.  I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful tradition.  It will be nice to be back and visit with former alumni like myself.  I am now old enough to say this is my second reunion. WOW!  I cannot believe that.  
I grew up in a small town in Glasgow, KY.  My plan was to be a UK Cheerleader from a young age and after achieving my dreams I learned so much that I use daily in my life.  

Time Management
From getting to class on time and practice on time, I learned from cheering at UK to always be on time and prompt to everything.  Another aspect I learned is how to manage my time  so that I was doing well in school and also in athletics.  One of the hardest parts of being a college cheerleader is making sure you are on top of your schoolwork.  Everyone has to remember they are student athletes.  Student does come before athlete.  Even today, I still use time management because I have to manage my time between cheer practice, work, and being a mother.  

Determination & Dedication
I think these are the most important things I learned.  From winning three national championships and learning to work as a team my determination and will is so strong.  I am determined to succeed at everything I do.  My dedication to the sport of cheerleading was always so strong.  I started tumbling at 4 doing my first backhandspring and was so dedicated to cheer all throughout my life.  Outside of cheer, cheer taught me to be determined and dedicated daily in my life to things that are important to me.  

Also after cheering at UK I found a respect that is unexplainable.  I always try to tell people to respect and remember where you came from.  I respect the tradition from before me of UK Cheer and after.  I love going and seeing the new kids coming in every year and watching them grow as cheer leaders and also as adults.  The friendships I have gained from this program are unforgetable and the coaches and staff are still very important to me.  Jomo and T Lynn played a very major part in the direction of my life.  

As for me, I can't wait to see everyone and enjoy our time together.  I also am very excited to see the cats play a good game and hopefully pull out another win against the EKU Colonels. I will be posting pictures this weekend and you will see some familiar faces I am sure.  An article will also be in the next issue about this weekend.  Remember to subscribe today at
Drew Bewley White 


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