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Hearts pounding, minds racing, nerves rushing. We all knew this was it, the last time we would EVER be this exact same team together on one floor. As we waited behind those black curtains on day 2 of The Summit, I saw some Mafia members crying knowing that this is it, the last time as "JUNIOR MAFIA". We give each other pep talks and hugs and prepare ourselves for the final Mafia performance for the performance of a lifetime! "From San Marcos California, the California Allstars Junior Mafia!" This was it; our time to end on that strong and powerful routine that would leave the crowd speechless and leave the name MAFIA with an incredible remembrance, was now. As our music begins and we start our routine we do what our coaches have taught us"go step by step" and focus on everything we've worked on. After sticking our stunts, tumbling and each section to the very best of our abilities we reach the end of the pyramid where a few of us are just so happy we begin to cry from joy knowing that we did it, seeing our coaches crying as well was just an incredible feeling! As we attack that dance and end with a finishing "BOOM!" We run off the floor to see our great accomplishment on the video and as I look around me I see a true family that I will never forget. When I look to my left then to my right I am proud to call that person my brother or sister! As finish on a fantastic win something also amazing happens! We ended up beating our record of score! In the history Junior Mafia from our very first little competition from last year (2011/2012) to our very last competition of this year (2012/2013) we have never reached that score! As we all pretty much say our goodbyes we just cherished that moment more than anything! I am definitely proud to say that I was on The California Allstars Junior Mafia! As we all end our "last" seasons and begin with our "new" seasons with try-outs and all of that I now go into this season age eligible to compete on a Level 5 worlds Team and I am glad to call myself a Lady Bullet! I can't wait to live through what God has ready for me! Something I am especially excited about is Worlds! I competed at The Summit which is very similar to it, but never really at Worlds. So I'm super pumped and ready for that! I have been working very hard lately and can't wait to start this 2013/2014 season in Cheerleading and Gymnastics! Good Luck to everyone in their new seasons with their new teams and I hope you have a great year! Follow my Instagram! @laneymadsen and twitter @laneymadsen and like my page on Facebook! Laney Madsen "Lil Beast" for more daily stories or videos.


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