Emily Bott

Long Island Cheer East Islip, NY

Position: flyer

Birthday: February 15, 2005

Grade in school: 5th

G.p.a: 4.0

Hometown: East Islip, New York

Signature tumbling skills: standing one handspring to whip double, standing whip full, standing two handsprings to whip whip double , standing one handspring to double, around the world to standing full . Running full whip double , running full whip Arabian to whip double, running double full Arabian to whip double , running whip one and a half to full whip double , running front punch to triple full.

Signature basket skills: pretty lady kick double , kick kick double , full basket and tuck toss.

Signature stunting skills: double up to heel stretch , high to high needle double down . Ball up straddle to hands to heel stretch switch double down . Full up rewind , hand to hand .

Awards/recognition : 2015 Allstar of the year from my gym, 2014 Nfinity future legend, 2015 nfinity generation next, 2014 1st place individual solo at cheer ltd. Canam in myrtle beach , 2015 1st place individual at Canam , 2015 jump champion at Canam , 2015 tumble champion at Canam, 1st place individual at Spirit Brands Long Island championships , 2015 youth best tumble pass at Varsity nations best in Las Vegas, 2015 youth high point tumble pass winner at Varsity nations best , 2015 youth elite best cheerleader individual cheer 1st place at Varsity nations best , 2015 high point elite best cheerleader , 2015 grand champion elite best overall cheerleader at Varsity nations best .

What makes you a great leader for your team : I believe In my teammates ,I scream as loud as I can for them through the tough parts of the routine . At practice I love when my teammates push to do harder skills.

What part of cheerleading do u enjoy the most: I enjoy getting new tumbling skills, it's such hard work but when I land a new skill for the first time I get a feeling like I can do anything . I also enjoy traveling with my best friends to places we would never usually go and meeting some new great people.

Do you consider cheer a sport ? Why? Yes I consider it a sport!! I consider it a sport because we don't just throw skills or memorize motions, it takes repetition and hard work and amazing technique to perfect a stunt , it takes an incredible amount of body/ muscle control to tumble like we do . I train 6 days a week sometimes more along with fitness training to build up the muscle and endurance to land my tumble passes in a full routine. I also stretch everyday to make my stunting easier and jumps better . We sweat and hurt while working very hard as a team to do well .


MacKenzie Trent

Woodlands Elite Generals Cypress, TX

Photo by: Wendy Thomas Photography
Position: Base for Generals, Flyer for Cypress Ranch High School Varsity squad
Birthday: April 21, 1998
Grade in School: Senior
Gym/school: Woodlands Elite Generals
GPA: 6.27
Hometown: Cypress, Texas
Signature Tumbling: Standing Full, Round off Back handspring Double
Signature Stunting Skills: Cartwheel up to Cupie, Front handspring up to Cupie, hand to hand pop extension, rewind to heel stretch
Awards: 2015 World Champion, 4 time NCA Champion Small Senior 5
What makes you a great leader: I always try to have great work ethics, positive attitude and support my team throughout practices. I remind them that as a team we can accomplish anything.
What part of cheerleading do you enjoy most: I enjoy being on a team with people I love, admire and respect. It is an incredible feeling when you know that the hard work, long hours, and dedication has paid off.
Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Yes. Cheerleading takes many hours of intense training that is both physically and mentally challenging. There is no off season for competitive Cheer. We train 12 months a year to be good at what we do.


Maddie Hackett

Gym Name:  
Twist and Shout Diamonds - Small Senior Coed Level 5
Age: 18
Signature Skills: baskets and coed stunting
Biggest accomplishment in cheerleading- winning Cheersport Nationals in 2014 and getting a full paid bid to worlds
What is your favorite part of your program?  
My favorite part about Twist and Shout is the gym is a Christian based gym, not only are we growing in the cheer industry but also growing in our faith as a gym. Everything we do is to glorify God. Another thing I love about my gym is they emphasize that it’s bigger than cheerleading, it’s about the journey! I love cheerleading because I have made so many awesome memories and so many friendships doing a sport that I love and enjoy.
Why do you love cheer?  
 I also love cheerleading because it has taught me so many lessons about life, not just about cheer.
Who is your role model in the cheer world?  
My role model in the cheer world is Haley Boone, she is a cheerleader on the all girl team at the University of Oklahoma. Haley has been my rock through the thick and thin, during cheer and outside of cheer. She has always pushed my team and I to be the best we can be. She is a leader and a great example to all. I’m truly blessed to have such a great friend and role model. 


Tacy Dirscherl

Brandon All Stars Brandon, FL

Name: Tacy Dirscherl
Gym Name: Brandon Allstars
Age: 15
Signature Skills: Front handspring, punch front, round-off backhandspring, double.
Biggest Accomplishment in cheerleading: First, I would say the day I received my letter from Peter, Joslynne, and Kyle saying that I made Brandon Senior Black. Then I would say my whole season last year! The feeling of winning NCA, Triple Crown, and 3rd in the World was an accomplishment that my teammates and me will never forget!
What is your favorite part of your program? This is a hard because Brandon Allstars is such an amazing place to cheer for so many reasons! I like to work hard so I think my favorite thing is being on a team of 20 where everyone has the same goal and the same work ethic. Also, the coaches’ influence on us to be the best we can be on and off the mat.
Why do you love cheer? It keeps you in amazing shape and the forever friendships you build. Not only that, it has taught me many life lessons I wouldn’t have been able to learn without cheerleading.
Who is your role model in the cheer world? My role models in the cheer world are DEFINITELY my coaches. They set such a great example of whom I aspire to be and are always so positive and willing to help. They have taught me so much and for everything they do, they are definitely my role models.


Shai Cowles

Ozark Allstar Athletics

Position: Flyer
Birthday: November 06, 2003
Grade in School: 6th
School Name/Gym Name: Harrison Middle School Ozark Allstar Athletics
G.P.A.: 3.50 I am very active at school and do my schoolwork to the best of my ability.
Hometown: Harrison, Arkansas
Signature Tumbling Skills (standing and running): Running: front punch through to round off hand tuck, aerial, front aerial and layout
Standing: Standing series, toe series
Signature Basket skills: Tuck X and double full
Signature Stunting Skills: Switch ups, low to high tick tocks, full up (co-ed)
Awards/Recognition: 2013 Best all around cheerleader. 2013 Best trio stunting group. Student of the month numerous times. Arkansas State Talent Queen 2013 ODM Supreme Our Diamond Miss 2014 National Grand Talent 2014 National Glamour Girl 2014. Overall Diamond Girl Arkansas State 2015.
What makes you a great leader for your team? Cheerleading is my life. I am very passionate about learning new skills. I also take practice time very seriously; I practice full out all times. I love to help with the younger kids, always listens and respect all the coaches. I feel if you are going to do anything in life you need to do it to the best of your ability.
What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? Learning new tricks in Stunting. I love the friendships I have with the other cheerleaders.
Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Yes Why? You have to work just as hard or harder as any other sport. I love the saying meet me at the mat! Most people do not know how dedicated you have to be for cheerleading, until they have someone they close to them doing it.


Aubrey Sharp

Total Cheer All Stars Bowling Green, KY

Name: Aubrey Sharp
Position: Backspot/Base on Mini & Flyer on Junior 4
Birthday: 10/09/2006
Grade in School: 3rd
School Name/Gym Name: Potter Gray/Total Cheer All-Stars
G.P.A.: Member of BRIDGES (Gifted) Program at school
Hometown: Bowling Green, KY
Signature Tumbling Skills (standing and running): Standing: Standing Tuck, Double BHS Tuck, Double BHS Layout, Toe Touch Tuck. Running: RO Hand Hand Tuck, RO Hand Hand Layout, Front Punch Step Out, Front Punch series through to Layout, Full on the track.
Signature Basket skills: Kick Double, Toe Touch Arch, Double Full, Pike, Tuck Full Basket.
Signature Stunting Skills: Express up to Hand to Hand. One-Arm Rewind, Layout Rewind, Double Up, Double Around, Double & Triple Down, BHS Up, BHS Full Up, Needle, Free Arm Bow, Chin-Chin, Ball Up to Stretch, Full Down from All Positions, Toss to QP, Bow and Arrow Ticks on both sides.
Awards/Recognition: 2 Previous National Championship titles. Member of the Gifted program at school.
What makes you a great leader for your team? Always having a positive attitude and congratulating teammates when they get new skills or talents. As the youngest member of previous teams for the past 3 years, I have had to work twice as hard to keep up with the rest of my teammates and continue to push myself while maintaining a great outlook.
What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? I love the showmanship of the sport. The bright lights and cheering crowds make me feel right at home. But most importantly, it has been the friendships I have made along the way and knowing at the end of the day we win as a team.
Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Why? Because cheerleading is one the most active and challenging sports there is. It is not a sport you can learn in a day, a week or a month. It takes years of training and practice both inside and outside the gym.


Graci Brown

Cheer Athletics- Jags Junior Coed Level 5 Nocona, TX

Position: Flyer and Tumbler
Birthday: July 21, 2006
Grade in School: 3rd
School Name/Gym Name: Cheer Athletics- Jags Junior coed level 5
Hometown: Nocona, TX
Signature Tumbling Skills (standing and running): Standing- standing 3 bhs to double full. Currently working standing fulls and almost have it. Running- round off Arabian thru to double full
Signature Basket skills: Kick double and switch kick double
Signature Stunting Skills: Rewinds, cartwheel ups, or double up to overstretch kick needle to scale double down
Awards/Recognition: NCA national champions 2 years in a row in 2014, 2015, Summit qualifier with both my youth and junior teams. Best mini and youth tumbler awards from American Cheer Power and Best mini jumper. Over 15 National Champions Jackets in 3 years with my moms gym Nocona Cheer Unlimited.
What makes you a great leader for your team? Most of the time I have been the youngest on my teams but I still make sure to be a leader. I try my best to keep everyone excited and encourage everyone to always try their best. I work extremely hard to reach my goals and motivate others on my team to do the same.
What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? I love performing a routine that we’ve worked so hard to perfect. I love walking off the mat with my cheer sisters knowing that all of our hard work and sacrifice was worth it. I also love bonding with my team and meeting amazing cheerleaders from all over the nation.
Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Why? My mom owns the gym that I have cheered at up until this year so I have literally grown up from a baby in the gym. I have watched countless hours of practices and view cheerleading as nothing other than a SPORT. It takes hard work, dedication, sacrifice and literally blood sweat and tears. Just like any other sport cheerleaders put in countless hours at the gym to make sure their skills are perfected. We compete against other teams for the same feeling and reward as any other sport. I think it is 150% a true sport and it’s the sport that I love!


Madison Dorton

Cheer Extreme Youth Elite Kernersville, NC

Name: Madison Marie Dorton

Position: Flyer

Birthday: November 12, 2004

Grade in School: 3rd

School Name/Gym Name: Forbush Elementary School / Cheer Extreme

G.P.A.: A

Hometown: East Bend, NC

Signature Tumbling Skills (standing and running): Triple toe back / Roundoff back handspring full

Signature Basket skills: Kick, kick double / Pretty girl

Signature Stunting Skills: 1 1/2 up high to high tic toc

Awards/Recognition: I have won NCA 2 times with my Youth Elite team and just recently won UCA with Junior Elite. I have won several stunt group individuals and I am on the A Honor Roll at school.

What makes you a great leader for your team?

I believe in having a positive attitude on and off the floor. I always try to be encouraging to my team mates!

What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? I love everything about cheerleading! Stunting, tumbling, dancing and entertaining the crowds. I enjoying traveling to all of the different cities and the opportunities it gives me to meet new people and make friends.

Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Why? Absolutely, I consider cheerleading a sport! We practice almost year round, numerous hours, weekly. It's hard work and takes skill. It takes a great deal of energy, strength and endurance to perform a 2:30 routine!


Torann Robinson

Cheer Time Revolution Sherwood, Arkansas

Name: Torrann Robinson

Birthday: July 23, 2003

Grade in School: 5th Grade

G.P.A. 3.5

Hometown: Sherwood, Arkansas

Signature Tumbling Skills: Standing Full, Roundoff Handspring Double

Signature Basket Skills: Double

Signature Stunting Skills: Needle

Awards/Recognition: At the age of 9 Torrann started her own Cheer Clothing Line, Called ToTo Clothing Line, it is in its 2nd year and doing awesome, check it out at

What makes you a great leader for your team? If I see a team member struggling on something, I try to explain to them how I would do it, I want my teams to be the best,!

What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? I enjoy tumbling the most, I would tumble all day if I could

Do you consider Cheerleading a sport? Why? I just started playing Basketball, and my workouts for Cheerleading is so much harder, so if Basketball is a sport, than Cheerleading is for sure a sport!


Karsen Kernodle

Cheer Extreme All Stars Kernersville, NC

Birthday: 5/9/2003
Grade in School: 5th
gpa: Honor Roll
Hometown: Gibsonville, NC
Signature tumbling skills (standing and running): Standing: Jumps to tuck and back handspring through to full

signature basket skills: Kick Kick Double

signature stunting skills: High tough tic-tock double down

awards/recognition: Best Performer / Best jumps

What makes you a great leader for your team? I always encourage my teammates and try to stay positive.

what part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? I love everything about cheerleading. The skills I have obtained ( I have been cheerleading since I was 3). The dedication it requires. The friendship and bonds that I have formed. The rewarding feeling when you win knowing all the work was worth it. do you consider cheerleading a sport? why? Absolutely, the dedication and practice schedules, conditioning, endurance, and much more definitely make it a sport.


Acacia Castro

Pace All Stars Westminster, California

Name: Acacia Castro

Position: Base, Backspot, Flyer

Birthday: December 11, 1997

Grade in School: 11th

School Name/Gym Name: Fountain Valley High School/ Pace Elite

G.P.A.: 2.5

Hometown: Westminster, California

Signature Tumbling Skills (standing and running):
Standing,: Cartwheel full
Running: Front through to double full. Front full

Signature Basket skills:
Base and Fly: Hitch Kick Double

Signature Stunting Skills:
Flying: Rewind arabesque to double-down
Base: One man walk up, two man toss hands tick lib

2013: Pace Best All Around Cheerleader; Awarded West Coast King of the Bleachers “Showstopper” for entire competition.
2012: Pace MVP Sr. Co-ed 4, Pace MVP Sr. Variety (dance)
2011: Pace MVP Sr. 4, Pace Coaches Award Jr. 3, Most Inspirational Jr. Pom (dance)
2010: Pace Coaches Overall Award

What makes you a great leader for your team?
Trained by great leaders at Pace Elite, I have been able to take what I have learned and use this knowledge in almost every aspect of life. Whether its all-star or high school cheer, leading by example is extremely important to me, through working hard and putting forth my best at ALL times. I may not be the best at all things, but I strive for my own best and that’s what matters.
Last Summer, was the beginning of my coaching career, demonstrating flying, basing, tumbling, and jump techniques for local high schools during their cheer camps. This year I have been entrusted to coach the Mini Prep team at Pace, where I can pass along the valuable lessons and skills I have learned as an athlete and performer.

What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most?
My favorite part of cheerleading is the moment when you finish a routine and know that you and your little cheer family gave it 110%. Nothing could make you a prouder cheerleader and teammate.

Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Why?
Just like any other sport, cheer requires certain physical skills and capabilities in order to be a part of it. Aside the physical activities involved in cheer you also compete as any other sport would. So yes, I most definitely consider cheerleading a sport.



ICE All Stars

Gym Name: Ice All Stars
Age: 14
Signature Skills: Punch to double, standing full, two to double
Biggest accomplishment in cheerleading- My biggest accomplishment in cheerleading is becoming team captain of Lightning this season. At the beginning of last season I was one of the weaker athletes on the team. After a season of hard work I’ve become a much better athlete and I’m now honored to be captain of Lady Lightning.
What is your favorite part of your program?            
My favorite part of the program I’m a part of is the bond we
all have together and that we’re all working together to
accomplish our goals while having fun along the way. This gym
and the people there have become my second family and they’re always there for me.
Why do you love cheer?  I love cheer because everything about cheer makes me happy. When I was 4 years old my love and dedication for cheer started the second I stepped on the mat. Cheerleading has taught me many life lessons that most kids my age haven’t been taught yet. Whenever I’m having a bad day I’m able to go into the gym and forget about everything that happened. Cheer is a huge part of my life and it always will be.
Who is your role model in the cheer world? My role model in the cheer world is Darlene Fanning. This is the second year being coached by her and she is by far the most successful coach I have ever had. As I get older I hope that I’m as successful as her in life and in my career. She is a great leader to others and is constantly helping her athletes to achieve their dreams. She has love and dedication for her job and I hope to be the same as her one day.
No matter how tough she can be at times I know she’s only doing
it to make me a better athlete. 


Makenzie Elleard

Cheer Force One All Stars

Position: Flyer
Birthday: November 30, 2005
Grade in School: 4th
School Name/Gym Name: Cheer Force One
Hometown: Semmes, Alabama
Signature Tumbling Skills (standing and running): running tumbling - roundoff BHS full. Punch front step out through to roundoff BHS layout/tuck. Front handspring punch front through to BHS tuck. Side ariel. standing- BHS layout, standing tuck, toe touch tuck .
Signature Basket skills: toe touch & pike basket, full basket, kick full.
Signature Stunting Skills: co-ed stunting- Hand in hand pop up to stretch. Rewinds, back hand-spring ups, cartwheel ups, full up to stretch, cupie All girl - Full up to stretch tick tock to scor-pion double down. ball ups, double downs, I have my needle.
Awards/Recognition: 2x Jamfest National Champion, American Open National Champion, Gym awards-2010 most improved, 2011outstanding performer, 2013 team star performer. Nfinity Jr. All American. I have always had A honor roll in school.
What makes you a great leader for your team? At 9, I am the youngest on my team. I always try to encourage everyone on my team, especially if they are struggling with a skill, I love to see peo-ple succeed! I hope to be a role model to younger girls, i want to inspire them to dream big, set goals high, and work hard to accomplish those dreams.
What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? I love everything about cheerleading, but the most exciting thing for me is getting to perform what you have worked so hard for on stage, it’s the best feeling hearing the music start and giving it all you have for 2 min and 30 seconds. I love performing and doing everything it takes to be the best I can be. I love my gym, they are my fam-ily!
Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Why? Yes Cheerleading is a sport! I work just as hard as any other athlete. Some days in the summer I am at the gym 11 hours taking every extra clinic and class working on getting new skills and perfecting old ones. We compete just like every other sport, if anything it is one of the hardest sports because there are many different areas you have to work at and you need to constantly grow as an athlete.


Alexandria Jordan Gatewood "AJ"

Powerhouse Cheer Belton, Texas

Name: Alexandria Jordan Gatewood “AJ”
Position: Flyer
Birthday: 09-02-2006
Grade in School: 2nd
School Name/Gym Name: Powerhouse Cheer, Belton Texas
G.P.A.: 3.6 @ Central Texas Christian School, Temple, Texas
Hometown: Temple, Texas
Signature Tumbling Skills (standing and running): Running RO, BH, BH, BTuck

Signature Basket skills: Twist to basket and back up to scorpion. I love the scorpion!

Signature Stunting Skills: Scorpion, Aerobesque, Twist, Rewind, Handstand

Awards/Recognition: NCA National Champion, Youth 1, American Cheer Power Y1, National Champion, The Summit Y1 Finalist
What makes you a great leader for your team? I work hard to do my best to help my team perform at the upper level by practicing hard and achieving personal goals that help my team. I am always there for them and I cheer for all the teams in my gym and this helps me show gym and individual team leadership.
What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? I enjoy high flying and my Scorpion at the top of a one man!
Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Why? Cheerleading is a sport because I work out 8 hours a week in the gym, strengthening when at home, stretching when I can and then performing at the top levels. A sport requires hard work and dedication and endurance and that is why my sport is Cheerleading


Aliyah O’Gara

Fury Athletics of Madison Madison, Wisconsin

Position: Flyer
Birthday: August 3rd 2002
Grade in School: 8th
School Name/Gym Name: Fury Athletics of Madison
G.P.A.: 4.0
Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
Signature Tumbling Skills: Standing tumbling: toe touch full & double back handspring full double back handspring full. Running: arabin through to full.
Signature Basket Skills: Kick full baskets & toe touch baskets.
Signature Stunting Skills: Double ups and double downs, high to high tic-tocs.
Awards/Recognition: Back to back Jamfest cheer super national champion. I’m also on my gyms top team, Senior Coed 4.
What makes you a great leader for your team? I always keep a positive attitude on and off the mat. I love to cheer on and encourage my teammates when they get new skills. I think being a team leader means looking out for your teammates and always pushing the team to give it our best and to stay positive.
What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? I love the family aspect of cheerleading. I love having a close bond with my teammates and trusting them with my life every practice. Along with that, I love traveling and going to competitions! There is no better feeling then hitting a perfect routine at a competition!
Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Why? Of course! I think cheerleading is a sport because of the hardwork and dedication this sport takes. I am always in the gym practicing or working on new skills. However, cheerleading is


Kayli Gossett

Elite Heat All Stars Buffalo, NY

Position: Flyer for S4.2 and Base for J3
Birthday: 06/10/2003
Grade in School: 7
School Name/Gym Name: Elite Heat Allstars
G.P.A.: 98.0
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Signature Tumbling Skills (standing and running): Standing: standing tucks, toe handspring tucks. Running: round off, double back handspring, layout.
Signature Basket skills: Double twist, toe touch, or pike arch.
Signature Stunting Skills: Express ups, full ups, low to high, high to low, tic tocs, heel stretch to scorp.
Awards/Recognition: Most improved throughout the season
What makes you a great leader for your team? I love my team and would do anything for them and it shows. I am both a base and a flyer. I base for J3 and fly for S4.2. I try to always stay positive and motivate my teammates and make them feel good about themselves. I try to make the best out of every situation and be a friend for every girl on the team both in the gym and out.
What part of cheerleading do you enjoy the most? There isn’t anything I don’t love about cheer so it is really hard to pick! I love flying and hearing the crowds screams when we hit. I love the energy the crowd gives us and you can feel it in your heart.

Do you consider cheerleading a sport? Why? Absolutely! Cheer is a sport because it is so physically and mentally challenging. The competitions are intense but so incredibly worth every minute of practice. Throughout all the full outs, band aids, bruises, tears, and laughs I have found my family in my cheer gym.